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ANoelleJay has been featured in Refinery29 since S6 launched masks in June and on 7/6/2020, on the 3 year anniversary of my feature on the HSN, my S6 2 layer masks were shared in - 

"What R29 Shopping Editors Actually Bought For Under $100 This Month"

Also, in June my purple and blue hummingbird design was featured in -

"Shop This Indie Face Mask Collection & Support Black Artists"

Get them here.


Kids masks, smaller masks and masks for kids 13+ are now available in my Redbubble and Contrado stores.

Redbubble Size Guide

Strap: 4.5 in / 11.4 cm

Width:  6 in / 15 cm

Height 3.6 in / 9 cm​

Strap: 4.5 in / 11.4 cm

Width:  6.7 in / 17 cm

Height 3.9 in / 10 cm​

Strap: 6.5 in / 17 cm

Width:  7.25 in / 18 cm

Height 4.6 in / 11.5 cm

Strap: 8 in / 20 cm

Width:  7.25 in / 18.5 cm

Height 4.6 in / 11.5  cm

The Contrado Sizing guide can be read in detail on my shop link.



My VIDA store now has masks that come with three PM2.5 filters - right in time for my gifting! I also have a special design of masks built for exercising. Workout and stay safe in style.


I love both VIDA designs because they are adjustable!

Filters should be replaced every 7 days. Stay safe everyone and let us all do our part to limit the spread of this virus.



Scarves and bandanas are also good options to use for face coverings while out and about!


Stay safe please use a face covering with social distancing (6ft apart) and help keep others and yourself protected from the coronavirus. While you can find bandanas in my Contrado store the perfect scarf in in my VIDA.

Cotton and silk scarves are available in my VIDA store and Foldaway totes which double as a great way to store your back up scarves and masks while on the run.


COVID19 (the novel coronavirus) has changed our way of life & life will never be the same for us -- we may need to use masks for a while. As additional factories for masks have opened around the world I've increased the platforms for my mask designs.

My Contrado UK store has bandanas, cotton masks and cotton masks with bikini sets! They are not medical grade and are intended for use in public places to provide protection while in public. We must use masks when going out into our buildings and our communities to help you do your errands and go to work.

The featured gaitors can be used as a face covering and are also great for doing sports. Choose mask packages for yourself, duplicates for a couple, or a family 4 pack.



More of my shops have masks for sale. I really like these and the shipping is reasonable just like Contrado:




Fine Art America


Shop where you prefer to purchase:

My Society6Redbubble mask (pictured here) and Teepublic have an insert in the back for filters like the carbon filters. In NY and many States and countries around the world, we are required to use masks when going out and traveling, so if you need to get a mask this one is a good option. 




Check out my first Quarantine Painting. It developed as I grappled with my experience staying home and viewing the world through my window alone. It was cathartic and helped me to see that instead of fear I could focus on the blessings and the hope of what we still have. I noticed things in my surroundings that I previously did not take the time to see. It is now uploaded for sale on my Saatchi Art website. You can check out the process of its development on my Instagram account.




My foldaway totes, fanny packs and clutches make a great option to keep your masks clean and secure in your bags. 

Foldaway Tote

Vida Clutches

Society6 Fanny Packs

Society6 Carry All Pouches

Keep your purse organized and always carry a spare tote for grocery shopping and to keep your items like back up masks secure while at the beach or commuting.


I hope you are all well & protecting your mental & physical health. Stay indoors & take care of yourself & your loved ones during this bizarre and trying experience. I've spent my quarantine time painting, working out, reading & connecting to friends & family in great new ways. I am keeping you in my prayers & I hope you're reaching out for people to talk to in order to keep sane. The times have been challenging though as we lose people we care about & worry about getting sick & question whether we need to leave the safety of our homes.


These masks are not medical grade & do not replace the need for PPE for our medical providers. It is intended for public use & coupled with social distancing this provides the rest of us protection while in public. 

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